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Spring Into Action Main



MAY 21  

Serving Our God, Our Community, and Our Schools, Together. 

Spring into Action is a day when we all leave the comfort of our church building immediately after our last service to worship the Lord by serving. In the past we have had over 500 of us serve from 12:30 pm to 5:30 pm, painting, building, cleaning, landscaping throughout our school district as a way of saying thank you to those who serve our children and community through our educational system in the Stevens Point Area.

There are opportunities to serve at every skill and ability level, We are asking you to please go online and register to serve. While we ask for your willingness to serve where needed most there will be options to indicate a preference of school.

The planning of Spring into Action is in full swing and the schools are really excited, we have over 100 project requests already, far more than in past years. We need you to:
1. Save the date (put it on your calendar and please plan to participate). Sunday, MAY 21st
2. Let us know if you would be willing to serve as a project coordinator this year. For more information about what this means please stop by the foyer SIA Table.

This year's Spring Into Action will begin with Sunday Worship at our normal times at Woodlands, followed by lunch on your own before you meet at your school with your team to begin your projects.

Check out the FAQs for more Spring Into Action details.  We are so thankful for your willingness to serve and look forward to what God will do through our work. 

“Praise God we have our 600 Volunteers!!  Registration is now closed.”  If you have registered you will be receiving your assignment between May1-May 8th, so no need to call us before then."








Frequently Asked Questions about Spring Into Action


Why a service day?  There are several references in the Bible to being the “hands and feet” of Christ.  We encourage you to meditate on these passages as the service day draws near, and envision how this opportunity might impact our community for Christ.

“In the same way, let your light shine before others, so that they may see your good works and give glory to your Father who is in heaven.”
- Matthew 5:16

Little children, let us not love in word or talk but in deed and in truth.”
- 1John 3:18

They are to do good, to be rich in good works, to be generous and ready to share…” 
- 1Timothy 6:18.


Why the focus on the school district? Serving in our school district helps us to meet real needs in a way that communicates to the staff, teachers, and students in our schools, that we appreciate them and their work.  Our efforts also help to break down some of the false barriers between the church and the school, and opens doors to communication about important issues facing our children.  In addition, we model a lifestyle of serving that inspires others, especially the next generation in the church. Along the way we enjoy great fellowship with one another and learn a few new skills as well.


How do I dress?   Dress appropriate to your task, whether painting, landscaping, construction, etc. Please bring work gloves, safety glasses, work boots, etc. as needed for your work site.  You are welcome to come to church dressed for work.


What tools will I need?   All tools will be provided on site, unless you have already agreed to bring certain needed tools.


What will the day look like?

1. Attend service as normal on Sunday morning.  

2. Lunch on your own, at home, sack lunch at church, and/or with your life group.

3. Meet your Team Leader at your project site promptly at 12:30.

4. Work at your project site from 12:45 – 5:30 PM.  * If PAINTING, please see videos here

5. Clean up and head home making it look as though no one was ever there, but the work was magically done.


How do I register?
You can register here


After I’ve registered what happens?
After registration closes, you will get an e-mail from the Team Leader with details on when to meet, where to park, what to bring, etc.


What about kids? Can we bring them along?
Yes! Please only register children age 13 and older.  For younger children, please check the box indicating you need a family friendly project that is in a safe environment for kids.  Kids can make a great addition to the serving team, provided the projects match their maturity and skills.  However, we may need your skills on a site that is not Kid friendly, so if you have skills and are willing to serve where needed we would ask that you find child care or as a Life Group, you may decide to designate someone to stay with very young children, so everyone else can be free to serve. There is no childcare available at Woodlands Church.


My family/life group wants to serve together – can we sign up as one big group, or do we need to enter each person individually?
Great question! We need information about each person who participates. Please register each person individually. For LifeGroups, please use the dropdown menu to select your LifeGroup.  For families, please designate one point person for your family and list that person's "Last Name, First Name," in that order so we can correctly match up your team.  Children under 13 do not need to register.


Is this only for those who call Woodlands Church home or can I invite my friends to come?
You are welcome you to invite neighbors, friends, and co-workers to join you in these community service projects. For an accurate count, please make sure they register online as well, and that they indicate the team they are serving with either using the LifeGroup dropdown or listing the "Last Name, First Name," of the family point person.  Please do remember we are representing Christ and His church when we serve.


What if there is bad weather on May 21st?
If the weather is extremely unfriendly, (tornado, flash floods, or the like) expect to hear from your Team Leader or come check our website for updated instructions.  Otherwise we serve rain or shine, as long as it is not dangerous to do so. There is no rain date for Spring into Action, so pray for good weather!


Are we on our own for lunch or will it be provided?
Lunch is not provided, unless your Team Leader tells you otherwise, based on site-specific plans.  In most cases lunch will be on your own, either at home, a sack lunch, and/or with your LifeGroup.


I don’t have access to a car. Can I get a ride?
Please let your Team Leader know if you think transportation will be an issue. He or she will help you troubleshoot how to get to the site and back.

Have questions not addressed here? Please call Pastor Doug Schneider at 715-341-0800 ext.126


SIA - Painting


SIA - Painting


P A I N T I N G   F O R   S P R I N G   I N T O   A C T I O N

Because we want to do the best possible job when painting in the schools, please watch these instructional videos prior to Spring Into Action Sunday.  Thanks!

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