Dig into the sermon each week with your life group, spiritual growth partner, or even by yourself! We’ll provide ideas to jump start your group time (Opener Questions:  for building community), discussion questions to go deep (Discussion Questions:  for fostering Christ Centered community), and ways to apply what you learned throughout the week (Practical Applications:  for faithfully following Jesus through your week).


Opener Questions

  • What is a hill you would die on that you probably shouldn’t? What is something that you care enough about to make a stand, even though you know it really doesn’t matter?

  • Think about someone you know whose strength you admire. How do they demonstrate strength? What have you learned from their example?

  • What is the highest point you’ve ever been to? What made this memorable?

Discussion Questions:

    1. Is there anything you are rumbling with from your time in Scripture last week?

    2. The Story so far… in sweeping terms, review the story so far in Acts 5 + 6 and the desire of the disciples to devote themselves to “tell the people all about this life.” (Acts 5:20). 


    3. From the Jewish history Stephen shared in Acts 7, how do you see the Israelites respond to what God was doing? What had the people done to Moses, the Law, the Tabernacle, the Prophets, and finally to Jesus? Why did Stephen choose to retell so much of Jewish history in making his appeal/defense?

    4. What accusation does Stephen level in v. 51-53 and in v. 56 to cause the Jewish leaders to react as they did in v. 54-58? Is there a word of correction for you/us to heed?

    5. Go back and reread Acts 6:3, 5, 8-15. How does the author characterize Stephen? How did his character equip him to stand as he did?

    6. Do you see any future stands that you will have to make? How do you feel about this?  How are you preparing to take this stand?

    7. Read Hebrews 2-6 from Woodlands in the Word. Next week’s sermon text is Acts 8:1-8.

    *Download the Resource Guide above for some helpful leader notes (included in the PDF).


    Practical Applications

    Dinnertime Discussion: Tell about a time when you were challenged to stand for God rather than standing for a popular opinion. What was that experience like? Use this conversation as an opportunity to encourage one another.


    Developing Disciplines: Over the next week, pray through Ephesians 6:10-20 and put on the whole armor of God. Pay attention to the schemes of the evil one, remembering that we are standing in the strength of the Lord who arms us with everything we need.


    Practicing Prayer: Pray: Lord, help us to stand on Your truth and not our opinions.


    Gospel in Everyday Life: In what ways do people today hold on to religious rituals and heroes, while missing the whole point of what those represent?  How does that tendency affect you? Repent of this tendency and ask the Spirit to prompt you to stand firmly on Jesus Christ and Christ alone.


    Journal Prompt: How do you feel about those who hate or hurt you?  Where is the Lord urging you to follow Stephen’s example of forgiveness, even when it is costly?

    Service Opportunities: Stand with our student ministries team by donating to their cookout on March 3rd. Your donation and participation will help send youth on summer missions trips as they share the love of Jesus in new contexts.