Dig into the sermon each week with your life group, spiritual growth partner, or even by yourself! We’ll provide ideas to jump start your group time (Opener Questions:  for building community), discussion questions to go deep (Discussion Questions:  for fostering Christ Centered community), and ways to apply what you learned throughout the week (Practical Applications:  for faithfully following Jesus through your week).


Opener Questions

  • Pastor Dave said the church is “fueled” by prayer. On a less serious note, share a story about a time you ran out of gas in your car or boat or …. 
  • Last week we talked about our mission fields. Share how you have been a witness in one of your mission fields this week.
  • Has there ever been a time when you decided something by “casting lots” or a similar process? Why did you make your decision that way? What was the result?

Discussion Questions:

    1. What stood out to you in your reading of Scripture this week?

    2. Dig into the Story so far… Read Acts 1:12-26 and do a quick flyover of your notes from your reading and the sermon.

    3. What holds you back from fueling up in prayer, both individually (your needs and spheres of influence) and corporately (for and with your group, Woodlands Church, the global church)?

    As a group, how can we keep this metaphor of being fueled by prayer a priority in our group?



    4. Have you had an experience in your life where you chose to obey Scripture even though it practically didn’t make sense? 

    In order for us to obey Scripture, we have to know Scripture. Evaluate how your practice of being grounded in Scripture is going. How do you currently ground yourself in Scripture? (Commit to getting into Woodlands in the Word or another reading schedule.) 

    How can we hold one another accountable to being grounded in Scripture and prayer, and walking in obedience?

    5. What is the role of Scripture, discussion, qualifications, and trust in God regarding the selection of a replacement for Judas?  Our selection of leaders?  Making other church decisions? 

    What would it look like for you to be “led” by Jesus in your everyday life? In what areas of your life do you need to relinquish control and lean into the leading of Jesus?



    6. Don’t forget to pick up the Quarter 4 Woodlands in the Word card from the Information Center. Read John 1-5 and Acts 2:1-13 for next week.

    *Download the Resource Guide above for some helpful leader notes (included in the PDF).


    Faithfully following

    Practicing Prayer:  Gather together with someone this week and pray for our church leaders: elders, ministry leaders and pastors, staff, and lay leaders. (You can find Woodlands’ staff here).

    Pray that they would be led by Jesus and obedient to Scripture and the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Pray also for the Lord to protect our leaders. 

    Consider using Acts 20:28-32 as a template or springboard to help focus your prayers. (Helpful tips: Focus on the responsibility to shepherd Christ’s flock, for protection both for the leaders and for the congregation, and for the constant reminder that it is “the word of God’s grace” that builds up and sanctifies, not the works of our staff.)


    Dinnertime Discussion: How do we currently pray for Woodlands? What else could we do?


    Developing Disciplines: Pray this prayer from Acts 1:24 for what is most desperately on your heart: “You, Lord, you know ______, show us ___________.” Pray it again. And again. Devote yourself to prayer.


    Verse Memory: “All these with one accord were devoting themselves to prayer…” Acts 1:14

    Service Opportunities: Commit to attending the Evening of Prayer on October 8. Give your time to build up the church in prayer!