Do you want to become a member?

The first step is taking our Join Woodlands class!

What's Join Woodlands?

If you’re relatively newer to Woodlands or have been attending for a while but have yet to get engaged in the life of the church, we’d like to invite you to Join Woodlands. It’s a class that will help you understand who we are, what we do, and why we do it and give you next steps to join the life, mission, ministry teams, and family of Woodlands.

If you choose at the end of the class you can also take the step of joining membership of the church – you will learn about the advantages of doing that and what it means.

If you have taken Essentials and want to become a member, you can apply by completing this application and dropping it off at the main office. Once you submit the application we will contact you to schedule a membership interview with one of our elders.