Text questions or the word SIGNUP for information about events or reminders.
Text BIBLETIME for daily Bible Time reminders and ATHOME for reminders of our Tuesday @HOME activities.

What is Woodlands Kids @HOME?
Each week, we produce a fun video teaching a specific topic in line with the weekly sermon. In the video, we provide space for activities and family discussion.
Who is @HOME for?
The whole family! We like to say @HOME is for you – whether you’re 4, 14, or 40. It’s great for everyone to gather together and watch!
What should I expect?
The video length is between 15-20 minutes, but there will be three ‘pauses’ during the video of various lengths. They’ll invite your family to do certain fun activities or have deep dive conversations about the topics. If you need to grab any supplies, we’ll let you know with plenty of time. Set aside between 30-45 minutes to complete @HOME, included pauses.

Watch on demand whenever you’d like, or watch together with other families on Tuesday nights, from 6:30-7pm, at engage.woodlandschurch.org. Text ATHOME to 715-204-4572 to get text reminders on Tuesdays!


Our highest value is Bible reading, and to help make that a habit, Pastor Dave will read from the Bible every weekday. These Bible Time readings stay in line with Woodlands in the Word.

In each Bible Time video, we’ll do three things:

  1. Work to memorize the weekly verse (from the Sunday sermon, and key to @HOME).
  2. Read the New Testament chapter from Woodlands in the Word (with a little commentary from Pastor Dave!)
  3. And we’ll pray, in line with what we learned.

Make it a habit to get your family into the Bible. If it’s not using the videos – no worries! But read from God’s Word each day.


Weekend Kids teaches the Sunday sermon topic for kids at their age level! We produce a preschool and elementary option each week. Each video should be about 25 minutes and cover the same topic as the Sunday service will cover. It includes worship. We encourage parents to consider starting the Sunday service with their kids, during singing, and then setting aside a secondary TV or computer so that their kids can watch Weekend Kids during the sermon.


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