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Learn More About The Bible 101

The Bible is the most transformative and important book ever written. It’s also often found to seem inaccessible, confusing, and difficult. How do we bridge these two realities?

Even more than that, there are questions: can we trust the Bible? How do we know who wrote it – can we trust the people who compiled it? How about translations? Why do different churches use different versions? And if scholars spend their entire academic careers studying the Bible, how can I, as a regular person, ever hope to understand or apply this book to my own life?

Join us as we explore all these topics and so many more in a compact, four week class. This CORE class at Woodlands Church provides a foundational baseline we believe every person should have – whether you’re just exploring Jesus or if you’ve spent your entire life following Him. 

This class is a hybrid class, with some pre-class videos to watch, followed by in-class discussion, lectures, and practice. Attendees will leave with confidence in the history and trustworthiness of the Bible, as well as important skills in Bible study and a wealth of resources for ongoing, lifelong, fruitful Bible reading. 

Woodlands Core

These classes are encouraged for everyone to take!  They are offered multiple times a year, are 4 sessions, and take place during a variety of times with the hope that all can find a time to attend that works with for them!  Woodlands Core dives into foundations of our church and being a follower of Christ, and are focused on having practical applications that will transform your faith.

We are currently offering 4 4-week sessions of The Bible 101 class.

Monday | Feb 12-Mar 4 | 6:30-7:45PM

Wednesday | Feb 21-Mar 13 | 6-7:15AM

Sunday | Apr 7-28 | 8:45-10AM



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