We deeply desire for you to be connected to other Christ followers

 and believe that transformation into the image of Christ is catalyzed in the context of community.

During this season where it’s difficult for larger groups to gather consistently, we’re encouraging groups of two or more to form organically and walk through the Joyful Journey sermon series together.  We’re happy to help you think through who might be part of your group, (and if needed, help you make a connection). 

Let’s start a conversation!

Start the Conversation

Text ASSIST to 888-225-7675 to let us know you’re interested in finding a Spiritual Growth Partner.



  • Generally meet for a semester or less (usually 5-15 weeks).
  • Are formed around the common desire to learn more about a particular subject.
  • Provide a taste of the more significant friendships that can be formed in Life Groups.


  • Jobs for Life is an 8-week curriculum that teaches jobs skills and character traits.
  • GriefShare offers support and interaction with others who are suffering from the loss of a loved one.
  • DivorceCare is a weekly support/seminar that will help you heal from the hurt of separation and divorce.
  • Women’s Bible Studies – there are a variety of options offered each year.
  • Men’s Bible Studies – check out everything the guys having going on this year.


For more information contact David Hansen, Whitney Swenson, or Nancy Perri (715-341-0800)