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FAQ – Students

Student Ministry FAQs

What does a typical Wednesday night look like?

Our evening kicks off at 7pm. Every nights schedule varies, but we often start off with some sort fun activity that plasters a grin on our faces. Some nights we worship along with the student led worship band, some nights we hear firsthand from students, what God has been teaching them lately, some nights we take a few minutes to discuss a current event and how it intersects our faith…ok, you get the picture. Every night has different elements, but the goal is always the same; how can we grow closer to Jesus.

How do small groups work?

Most nights we break into small groups after the large group time is done, typically around 8pm. Our small groups are configured by gender and grade (i.e. – 7th grade guys, 10th grade girls, etc). We do our best to keep small groups in the 4-5 student range, knowing that smaller groups tends to promote better discussion. Each small group is led by a same gender adult leader from the ministry, and lead the group through a series of questions (some fun, some serious) dealing with the topic of the night. Small groups are laid back, conversational discussions where application is key.

Trips & Events

Join us for the kick off of youth group on September 23rd!


*This event is outside so masks will not be required but as we move inside for the rest of the year, students will be required to wear masks.

Junior High Fall Getaway
October 9 -11
Cost: $110

REGISTER HERE for the fall getaway if you do not plan to work the cheese curd stand.

Learn more about the Junior High Fall Getaway Here!

If you are planning to work at the rosholt fair to earn money towards registration, a separate registration form will be available after september 7.

COVID PRECAUTIONS: Please click here to read about the additional information Silver Birch Ranch will require for your student to attend this year.