Global Outreach at Woodlands

Because all people are highly valued by God, we desire to make an impact not only in our local community but also in strategic places and ministries around the world. Global involvement is a high priority for us. We reach out to the world in the following ways:



We support a growing number of people and organizations who share the love of Christ with people around the world. We want to excel at raising up and supporting people who are actively involved in fulfilling Christ’s great commission. (Matthew 28:18-20)

We encourage you to learn more about the people we support by stopping by the Global Outreach wall in the foyer. We highlight three missionaries each month, sharing about their mission focus, who they work with, prayer requests and financial partnership information.

Concern for the Poor


We have a growing commitment to find practical ways to join with organizations and churches around the world that work and minister among the physically as well as the spiritually needy people of the world.

We have found that one of the best ways to help the poor is through organizations that have a long track record of successfully helping people who live in poverty all over the world. It is also helpful to choose a practical, regular, hands on way to do that.

We recommend that you consider sponsoring a child in need through Compassion International. We encourage you to consider sponsoring a child in any area of the world that is of interest to you. To learn more about Compassion and child sponsorship, please click the Compassion box below.

Short-Term Teams


We frequently send out teams of people from our church to engage in hands on ministry overseas, and to build relationships with the individuals, churches and organizations that we support.

When we travel overseas to do ministry in teams, God uses the experience not only to bless those we serve, but also to open our eyes in a new way to the needs of the world. Deep friendships, both with our partners in other countries and with our teammates are often formed. The privilege of being on a team with others and working hard with overseas friends to accomplish a mutually agreed upon project, is an incredibly rewarding and growing experience.

One of our goals at Woodlands is to help as many people as we can experience the joy of short-term service in another country. On every trip our goal for each team member is to go and to serve in “fourth place.” That means, God is first, the people in the host country are second, our teammates third, and we are in “fourth place”. We believe this reflects the heart of our Leader, Jesus.

Over the past several years we have sent teams to Guatemala, Peru, Colombia, India, Indonesia, Uganda & Haiti. Contact Whitney to see what trips are coming up.

If you are interested in hearing more about our trips please contact Whitney Swenson at the church office.

Medical Missions


the 2020 Medical Mission team to Jalapa, Guatemala
is now taking applicants!

Find the application here.

To view last season’s blog and get a feel for what a medical trip involves, see our missions blogs page.

Information about Woodlands Medical Missions:

We send out international medical missions team every year. Although teams are sent to different countries and areas, the heart of each trip and why we send them remains the same. Below are a few documents that will give you as much information as we can provide about our trips.

We encourage you to carefully read the material, especially the “Questions Often Asked” and “Team Covenant” sections. If there are any additional questions you have please feel free to contact Whitney Swenson at the church office.

Questions Often Asked

A Day in the Clinic

Team Covenant

Please contact Whitney Swenson at the church office with any questions.

Woodlands Medical Missions Leadership Team

Dan Kraeger, D.O.

Steven Slezak, M.D.

Upcoming Trips

short-term missions Team

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic we won’t be sending any trips out. Check back for an update on future trips.