November 29 – December 3


Monday: 3 John, Daniel 10-12, Psalm 141
Tuesday: Jude, Hosea 1-3, Proverbs 26
Wednesday: Revelation 1, Hosea 4-6, Psalm 142
Thursday: Revelation 2, Hosea 7-9, Proverbs 26
Friday: Revelation 3, Hosea 10-12, Psalm 143


    • In this first week of Advent, celebrate and rejoice in the knowledge that God wishes and chooses to be with us. Pray that God would unite Woodlands Church in the knowledge of His goodness and plan.

    • Continue to pray for families in our church body and throughout the community who have lost homes and possessions in fires. Pray for comfort and for community – for support and for peace. Above all, pray that those families would be drawn towards a deeper knowledge of God’s goodness and provision in these times of need. 

    • The next few weeks at Woodlands will have multiple large, community events hosted in the Auditorium. There is also Christmas decorating and planning leading up to the Christmas Eve services. Pray that God would allow these facilities to be a blessing to those who come here and that God would use the various events to bring many to Himself. 

    • Pray for the Kids and Youth Ministries of Woodlands Church. In this Advent season, there are multiple large outreach and discipleship events for both. Ask that God would sustain the planning and preparation for events and programs, and that kids and teens would fall deeper in love with Him.

    • Missionary couple to pray for: Nick & Emily. You can pick up a missionary directory with more information about who they are and where they serve at the Information Center at church.