Breaker Rock Beach is an exciting 5-day VBS adventure for kids ages 4 through those who just completed 4th grade in the Spring!

Check out VBX Breaker Rock Beach Info below for kids who completed 5th and 6th grade in the Spring. 

There is no cost to attend VBS, and community members unaffiliated with Woodlands Church are more than welcome to participate!

Our 100+ volunteer staff is well trained, excited and fully screened to work with kids. We value your children’s safety.

VBX is for kids who have just completed 5th or 6th Grade in the Spring of 2024.

They’ll build core friendships throughout the week, play crazy games, dance, sing, and learn that with Jesus no matter what the twist or turn in life is it’s never game over!

VBX will be held in The Square July 29th – August 2nd from 9 AM – Noon.

There is no cost to attend VBX and community members unaffiliated with Woodlands Church are more than welcome to participate!

Our VBX volunteer staff are well trained, fully screneed, and excited to serve your Preteen!

Monday, July 29th – Friday, August 2nd

VBS and VBX (5th/6th Grade) is 9 AM – Noon!

VBS and VBX are held at Woodlands Church

Kids will enjoy crafts, snacks, teaching, exciting music, fun games, and awesome relationships!

At Breaker Rock Beach VBS, we’ll learn that God’s Word is the solid rock truth upon which we can build our lives in a culture of shifting ideas.

Drop-off between 8:45 AM – 9 AM!

Parents can plan to drop-off at the Hoover Entrance and enter the building through the doors at the Hoover side.

Parents should plan to park and walk children in and head to the right down the Education Hallway for check-in.

If you’ve pre-registered you will be able to check-in on an iPad. If you are registering the day of you will need to see the Welcome Desk located in the Gym Foyer to register and check-in.

Once checked in you will continue to follow the hallway into the Chapel where you will drop your child off with their group leader. Don’t worry – we’ll have signs and helpers to get you to the Chapel!

Pick-up at 12 PM!

Parents can plan to pick-up in the Chapel at 12 PM. You’ll park at the Hoover Entrance and enter the building through the Hoover doors. Head to the right and follow the Education Hallway to enter the Chapel. Your child’s class will have a large sign with their class name on it!

Please note: You will be given a pick-up tag at check-in. It will print a physical copy – if you check-in via the Churchcenter App you will get a digital pick-up tag which can be sent to another individual if needed for pick-up. You will be asked to show your pick-up tag when you come to pick up your child. Please have it ready for our teachers. 



How will I know which class my child is in? 

Your child’s class name will be printed on the name tag that prints at check-in each morning. You’ll also get to know your child’s teachers quickly and will recognize their location in the Chapel for drop-off and pick-up.

What if I check my child in and they don’t want to stay?

We understand wholeheartedly if a child gets there for the day and then decides they do not want to stay. Please let the Adult Teacher in your child’s class know that you have checked in for the day but that you will be taking your child home. This helps us know who is there for the day and who is not!

What if I want to stay with my child?

We would love to have you volunteer – but in the safety of everyone’s child we strive to have every volunteer be fully screened and approved to serve, which includes, an application, a background check, 2 reference checks, and an interview with the Director of Woodlands Kids. If you think you may want to stay with your child we invite you to reach out ahead of attending to make arrangements with Woodlands Kids Staff.

What happens if my child gets hurt while at VBS?

We have a Nurse on-staff each day at VBS, as well as many trained Safety Ministry volunteers, who will assist in the event of an injury or emergency. An incident form would be documented for your child and you will be notified at the time of the event via phone.


Check out this year's theme song!


Volunteer at VBS

Woodlands Kids is excited to host VBS this year and that means there are lots of opportunities to serve during this fun week at Woodlands!

We are looking for teachers, co-teachers, helpers, games, snacks, decorating, administrative help, worship, crafts, kitchen, hospitality, and nursery. If you’re an adult or teen who has any interest, we would love to have you join in this year because it takes many individuals to make VBS possible for our kids.