Friday, September 25

Hebrews 3, Psalm 115, Joshua 12-14


  1. This covid season has been difficult on many for various reasons. In seasons like this, it can be easy for our hearts to grow hard toward God and especially toward one another. Yet Hebrews 3 says the remedy to this is “to encourage each other daily, while it is still called today, so that none of you is hardened by sin’s deception.” Pray that God would help you to be an encouraging support to others that is uplifting, and that God would send you an encourager to lift you up. 
  2. We’re finishing the series called “Made for This” in which Pastor Brian is presenting our new purpose statement and the priorities that accompany it. Pray that we, as the people of Woodlands Church, would embody our purpose “to be a Christ-centered community helping people faithfully follow Jesus both locally and globally.” And pray that we would be marked by each priority we seek to embody as a church! 
  3. Pray for J and J – they have been faithfully proclaiming Jesus in a foreign country for several decades.  Pray for continued protection from the virus as they seek to continue to minister to their students and couples whom they teach and counsel.  Pray for a particularly fruitful seminar J is teaching even today!
    *Please do not repost this thrid prayer prompt on social media of any kind.*