Thursday, September 17

Romans 13, Proverbs 15, Ezekiel 45-47


  1. Ezekiel is just plain difficult to grasp sometimes. In Ezekiel 47 though, we see a beautiful picture of the church, the body of Christ, presented as a metaphor about a river that flows out from God’s presence. God is present in his church (it’s his body, after all), and wherever this river flows, it brings new life. Pray that Woodlands Church would be a river of life giving water to the community and world around us. 
  2. The GroupLife Connect is going on now. Please pray that people would get connected into Christ centered communities that catalyze them to grow in Jesus this year! Pray that the GroupLife Connection team would be making good, solid connections to groups.
  3. Pray for Turkey today! There are a handful of Woodlands supported workers in Turkey who are praying and laboring to see the gospel proclaimed, accepted, loved and lived out in their homes, streets, neighborhoods, and country. Pray for a young family who is returning today! Pray for safe and smooth flights with mechanics, logistics, and kids. Also pray for their transition back into the country and for a fruitful season of ministry.