Monday, September 14

Romans 10, Psalm 110, Ezekiel 36-38


  1. Psalm 110 is a prophetic Psalm that points toward Jesus as our priest and king; a God who stands to declare us righteous and who reigns over the whole earth with perfect justice. Pray today (and each day) that you – and we as a church – would know what it means to fully swear your allegiance to the one true king, Jesus.
  2. In response to the weekend message, pray that all of us in Woodlands would recommit ourselves to consistently and meaningfully being the Word and prayer.  Pray that through us as a church, and as individual Christ-followers the gospel would go forth.
  3. Pray for the church throughout the world -that we would respond well in this season, and that we would be a light and blessing to each other and our communities.  Pray that we would serve each other and our communities well through this time.