Monday, September 13th


Isaiah 22-24, Psalm 109, 2 Thessalonians 3


  • Psalm 109 is a personal psalm of lament from King David that anticipates some of the opposition King Jesus himself will experience.  In his pleas for help and salvation, David utters, “Help me, Lord my God; save me according to your faithful love so that they may know that this is your hand and that you, Lord, have done it” (v.26-27).  I love that in the midst of a tough passage (David’s curses on his foes are intense!), we can remember that evil deserves denouncing and that David trusts in God to deliver him.  And that David desires that those who learn of his salvation would know the hand that has done it.  Pray today that through your story of salvation, many would know that hand that has done it!  Pray for God to use your story to build his kingdom.
  • We wrapped up the series through Ephesians this weekend, Glorious Community.  Take time to reflect on what you learned – what was convicting, what was surprising, what you need to dig into a bit more? Seek God in prayer today in determining what it is that you will take from this sermon series and pray for the power of His Spirit to help you believe the truth you’ve heard and let those truths form your actions.
  • Pray for Al and Steph as they seek to make disciples of Jesus.
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