Expanded Learning Opportunities

While we regularly offer classes that teach on a variety of topics, we also recognize the desire many have to go deeper. We’re offering two expanded learning opportunities that challenge participants to know Christ deeper, apply His truth more broadly, and live out the gospel of Jesus more freely in their lives for 2024-2025.

COLSON FELLOWS PROGRAM – Christian Worldview

For more context, click here to download the brochure.

Schedule: July ’24 – early May ’25. Devotional studies Mondays through Fridays. Monthly cohort meeting. Twice-a-month online class.
Featuring: 12 books, online lectures, in-person discussion
Cost: $450 (does not include books)
Facilitator: David and Nanci Mortimer

The Colson Fellows Program is a premier international thought leader in developing and applying a Christian worldview in all of life, for all of life. It is designed for “ordinary Christ followers” who recognize that to follow Christ is no ordinary call. The course of study is rigorous, and will likely require 6-8 hours per week of study, recorded webinars, and readings. It is the academic equivalent of one graduate level theology, apologetics, and history class over 10 months.

The program seeks to shape Christian Worldview, and then apply Christ’s teaching to cultural flashpoint issues, such as religion, politics, identity, and work.

GATEWAY – EFCA Theological Cohort

Context (not signup): https://efcagateway.org/

Schedule: July ’24 – June ’25. Independent reading and writing. Monthly cohort meeting.
Featuring: 2 books, online resources, in-person discussion.
Cost: $300 (does not include books)
Facilitator: Dave Bondeson

The Evangelical Free Church of America (EFCA), with whom Woodlands is affiliated, hosts a cohort-based theological training course. Over twelve months, participants will work through the EFCA Statement of Faith, formulating personal understanding of each of the ten points and shaping opinions on those areas left to personal biblical discernment. Participants will write their own personal Statement of Faith and work with other students to understand, deepen and grow in their faith.