Our facility is cooperatively owned and shared by the members of Woodlands Church.  The policy for management of this facility is intended to ensure orderly access by first, the church program of ministries; second, members of the church; third, regular attenders (those individuals we have a record of attending 2 – 4 times per month for at least 6 months); and finally, the broader Christian community and our local community.  Fees may be assessed in certain instances to cover full or partial expenses of an event.

When you use the building, two simple rules of thumb should guide you:

  • This building is a gift of God, and it represents the sacrificial giving of a lot of people.  Use it joyfully for His glory, but do your best to take care of it.
  • When you are done using the building, remember that others will follow who also want to use it to minister to people.  Leave it in great shape, like you would want to find it if you were coming in to do a ministry!


NOTE:  For private gatherings (non-ministry use), a security deposit of $50 will be requested two weeks prior to the event for the use of the building; this deposit will be returned should the building be left in the condition in which it was found.

  1. Facility usage must be coordinated with the church calendar and scheduled in advance with the church Office Administrator (341-0800) by filling out a “Building Use Request” form.  Non-wedding events will be considered for approval no sooner than two months prior to the event.  Upon receipt of a completed Building Usage Request form, a tentative “hold” will be placed.  Notification will follow.
  2. Arrangements for obtaining and returning keys are made with the Office Administrator.
  3. Members and regular attenders are asked to do set-up, take down and clean up of the area used.  (See Maintenance Supervisor for instruction.)  A $25 per hour fee will be assessed in the event excessive or unusual clean up is required (after the event) on the part of the church Maintenance Supervisor.
  4. We encourage the use of rooms as they are set up; Requested room layouts different than the standard will require caretaker fees.  Rooms must be returned to the original layout (diagrams will be posted within each room.) We also encourage the use of the kitchen and non carpeted rooms for use with events that involve food!  
  5. Use of kitchen equipment may require a review of operation by an authorized person.  The church’s kitchenware may be used for your event (i.e, metal silverware, serving platters, bowls); the paper products in the kitchen may be used for church/ ministry events, but will need to be provided by the party hosting a non church/ ministry related event (i.e., plates, napkins, styrofoam cups, plastic silverware). 
    1. alcoholic beverages on church property
    2. smoking in the church building
    3. pesticides in or around the church facility
    4. food or drink in the Chapel area or on the stage in the multi-purpose room
    5. red, purple, lime green, orange or other “colored” drinks in the building (alternative suggestions include: lemonade, 7-Up, Sprite)  NOTE:  Any spills should be reported to staff immediately!
    6. taking church equipment from the premises for personal use (includes all tables and chairs)
    7. moving of platform, liturgical/musical furniture without permission
    8. kicking of balls in the multi-purpose room
    9. DUCT TAPE on gym floor; Gaffer’s tape is a usable alternative (check with church maintenance before purchasing)
    10. rollerskates or skateboards
    11. crafting material smaller than ¼” on carpeted areas (i.e., glitter)
  7. The use of snacks with children must be supervised by an adult; snacks should be used in areas without carpeting.
  8. The church will not be responsible for personal property left in the building.
  9. Tape or string can hang decorations; tape must be removed completely.
  10. Candles may only be used with great caution – wax causes considerable damage to gym floor finish.
  11. We request respect for other programs using the building at the same time.
  12. Ministry leaders must provide for adult supervision of children during an event held in the building.  Rooms used for childcare must also be requested and approved before the event.
  13. Doors of rooms not requested (and approved for use) must remain locked.
  14. Saturday evening events must be cleaned up, finished and out of the building by 10:00 pm.
  15. When leaving the building, please follow the lock-up procedure listed below.



The last person in the building should be the ministry leader/ person who requested the use of the building for the event.  This person needs to pick up the laminated “Building Usage Checklist” which can be found at the Welcome Center.  Each item on the checklist needs to be “checked”, and the sheet “initialed” when done.  The completed and initialed checklist/ clipboard should be left on the Welcome Center for the Building Maintenance Supervisor to pick up.  To lock and secure the building, please follow this procedure:

  1. Review the checklist and check each area as specified (kitchen, bathrooms, doors and lights).  Note that lights in the bathroom and coat room turn off automatically; there are no switches for these lights. 
  2. Lock the front doors (both sets – all 8 of them!) and the doors outside the nursery.  (All other exterior doors should already be locked, but should be checked to ensure they are locked.)  This is done by inserting the allen-type key into the back of the handle and turning it one click to the left.  This will cause the push bar to come out, which is the locked position.  (If you need to reopen the door, push the push bar in, hold it in, and turn the allen key one click to the right.  The push bar will stay in, and it is now in the open position.)  The allen keys are found above the doors and on the window sill heading into the office from the entryway.
  3. There is a toggle switch above each of the sets of automatic doors (the ones to the left as you face out) at the front entrance.  Make sure it is in the middle or off position when you leave.  If this is not done and someone tries to open the doors by pushing on the open buttons when the doors are locked, it will create strain on the mechanism and may cause them to fail.  Note that the toggle switch on the exterior door is on the right hand side of the mechanism (the big black box above the doors), and on the left side of the interior doors.
  4. Double check that doors are locked by pulling on them before you leave.  If they do not lock, please contact church staff before leaving!
  5. If you need to return a key, please follow directions discussed when arrangements for the key were made.

Any changes to the nature of this policy (or items not covered here) should be directed to and approved by the Building Maintenance Supervisor.  Please report any building problems immediately to church staff.

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