Our College Age Ministry seeks to connect college age people to a healthy, thriving, and multi-generational church with the purpose of preparing them for a life in and beyond college that honors Jesus Christ. We accomplish this through a unique blend of two key elements – campus ministry partnership and local church discipleship.

Campus Ministry Partnership

We work closely with two thriving campus ministries (Cru and Intervarsity) at UWSP and Mid-State Technical College. In doing so, we seek to maximize the resources – both staff and financial – of Woodlands Church and these ministries so that more students would come to know and acknowledge Jesus as their Lord, Savior, and King.

Local Church Discipleship

At Woodlands, we believe that it is our job to equip the saints for the work of ministry (Eph. 4:12). Thus, we believe that it is not only the job of pastors to do college ministry, but also the job of everyone in our church. Our Adopt-a-Student program seeks to pair a student or student(s) with a person or family in our church for the sake of discipleship. In this, students experience life in a local church beyond campus, and a person or family gets to disciple the next generation of local church leadership. The people of Woodlands church also give their time, energy, and resources to make college age ministry events happen year in and year out. College age ministry at our church is not for the few, but for the church as a whole.


College Study Day:

Twice a year we open our doors to the college students of this church, so they have a place where they can study for final exams. It’s an incredible day that involves delicious food and fun activities for when you need a study break.


Adopt-a-Student is a Woodlands College Age Ministry program that seeks to connect students with a “home away from home” while students are at UWSP. Families sign up to adopt one or more college students (no more than 4) and we connect that family with interested students. Our heart is to see students discipled by families in the local church, while families get the privilege of discipling the future leaders of the local church. If you’re interested in adopting a student or if you’re a student who wants to be adopted, contact Matt Wilhelm