December 6 – 10


Monday: Hosea 13-14, Revelation 4, Psalm 144
Tuesday: Joel 1-3, Revelation 5, Proverbs 27
Wednesday: Amos 1-4, Revelation 6, Psalm 145
Thursday: Amos 5-7, Revelation 7, Proverbs 27
Friday: Amos 8-9, Obadiah, Revelation 8, Psalm 146


    • Spend some time praying for the Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes, which have been shipped and are en route. Pray that God would use the many, many boxes for His glory throughout the world and that kids would hear the good news of Jesus, feel the love of God, and follow Him!

    • Pray for those coming to the Central Wisconsin Symphony Orchestra concert this coming weekend. Pray that the technical elements would all work well and that the concert would be a wonderful time of encouragement and enjoyment. But also pray that God would use people’s presence in our facility to draw their attention to Him. Pray seeds of the gospel and of grace would be planted!

    • Pray for the planning and promotion of the Car Park Christmas outreach event next Tuesday, put on by Woodlands Kids. Pray that families that don’t know Jesus or who haven’t been a part of the church would come and return later for Christmas Eve services or kids programming. 

    • Continue to pray for congregants who are sick, in the hospital, or struggling with COVID. Pray for God’s healing, and for His sustenance for their families, and for His wisdom for the doctors.

    • Missionary couple to pray for: John & Judy
      You can pick up a missionary directory with more information about who they are and where they serve at the Information Center at church.