December 27-31


Monday: Revelation 18, Zechariah 5-7, Psalm 90
Tuesday: Revelation 19, Zechariah 8-10, Proverbs 30
Wednesday: Revelation 20 Zechariah 11-14, Psalm 112
Thursday: Revelation 21, Malachi 1-2, Proverbs 31
Friday: Revelation 22, Malachi 3-4, Psalm 96


    • As many people continue working on their Spiritual Growth Plans for the New Year, ask that they would be deeply rooted in God’s Word. Ask that God would speak to them uniquely through Scripture. 

    • Pray for the health and safety of all the students going to the Districts Youth Conference from January 7-9th. We have 130 students attending from Woodlands Church! 

    • Pray for all those who came to Christmas Eve from the community, and that they would come back and join the life of the church. Ask that they would respond to the invitation to learn and grow in Christ. 

    • Pray for God’s miraculous provision for the church’s financial needs as we enter the New Year. Ask that God would lead the congregation and the church leadership in faithful stewardship of the fantastic resources we have been given.

    • Missionary couple to pray for: Andy & Joanna
      You can pick up a missionary directory with more information about who they are and where they serve at the Information Center at church.