December 13-17


Monday: Revelation 9, Jonah 1-4, Psalm 147
Tuesday: Revelation 10, Micah 1-2, Proverbs 28
Wednesday: Micah 3-4, Psalm 148
Thursday: Revelation 11, Micah 5-7, Proverbs 28
Friday: Revelation 12, Nahum 1-3, Psalm 149


    • On Monday of this week, we’ll open up the building to college students studying for their finals. Pray that God will use our facility to help students prepare well and that even through this simple hospitality, God would be glorified. Pray for students as they take their finals and prepare to head home for the mid-year break. Ask that they would continue to grow in their pursuit of God. 

    • Woodlands Kids ministry is hosting two events – one on Tuesday and the other during services on Sunday – that are a great opportunity for outreach. Pray that God would be clearly proclaimed and that this season would be one where new lives are surrendered to Christ.

    • In the same way, pray for our Christmas Eve services – for the preparation and planning, for the communication and execution of the service, and for many who don’t know Jesus to hear of the beauty of the gospel.

    • Continue to pray for the hiring process for our Executive Director of Finances and Administration. Ask that God would bring the right candidate and give clarity and wisdom to the search committee as they make crucial decisions over the next few months.

    • Missionary to pray for: Kristina
      You can pick up a missionary directory with more information about who they are and where they serve at the Information Center at church.