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Thanks for joining us for Woodlands in Prayer in 2019!

Woodlands in Prayer is a prayer tool designed to provide inspiration and information for prayer. 
Below, you will find the following:

  • an inspirational or informational quote on prayer each day. Currently, we’re gleaning wisdom from the book “The Praying Life” by Paul E. Miller,

  • 3-5 key prayer requests for each week,

  • a Scripture each week to help guide you as you pray,

  • and a new missionary family each day to support. 

Thanks for using this tool to engage with our Heavenly Father!


We’re closing in on the end of this book. This week, we start the final part, Part 5: Praying in Real Life.

Part 5:  Praying in Real Life
Chapter 27:  Keeping Track of the Story:  Using Prayer Cards

Building a Sample Deck

Here is an outline of  sample deck of prayer cards that will allow you to pray through your entire life.  Some cards I pray through every day; others I rotate through, using one or two cards a day.  How many cards you use for a particular area depends on the shape of your life.  It is completely up to you.

  • 4-10 family cards (one for each person)

  • 1-3 people-in-suffering cards

  • 1 friends card

  • 1 non-Christian card

  • 1 church’s leadership card

  • 1 small group card

  • 1 missionary, ministries card

  • 1-3 world or cultural issues cards

  • 3 work cards

  • 1 co-workers card

  • 3-5 repentance cards (things I need to repent of)

  • 3-5 hope or big dream cards

If you can’t find time to write out these cards, then use your prayer time to write them out.  One morning a week, instead of praying, write out a card for one of these areas.  You can begin with just a partial card.  That’s how all my cards started.  …


Each week we will provide 3 -5 different prompts to aid you in praying for the people and ministries of Woodlands Church as well as the people within our community.  This week, pray for the following five prompts:

  • Spring into Action:  Registration is now open for this day of service to our community.  Pray that individuals and small groups would sign up and that we would have all the volunteers needed to do the projects the school district has requested. Continue to pray for the leadership team working behind the scenes to organize all the projects.  Pray tat all the details would fall into place well.

  • New Classes: Several new classes and groups are starting up this week.  Pray for God to use these to deepen community in our church, for many to get involved, and for the leaders to be able to teach and lead the groups well.

  • Building Plans:  This week there is another important meeting with the architects, engineers,  and builders who we are working with.  Ask God to continue to guide us clearly in all aspects of the design of this building so that the final product is an excellent facility maximized for ministry.

  • Global Outreach:  There are several potential outreach efforts in the planning stages.  The Global Outreach Lead team will be meeting this week to consider next steps.  Pray for God’s wisdom and direction as we seek to fulfill our mission to “Build communities of Christ centered people to reach the world.”

  • Easter:  Easter is in four weeks, many people come from the community to attend our Easter services who do not normally attend here.  Over these next four weeks being praying for God to be drawing many people to our services, and preparing their hearts to hear the gospel.  Pray for all the planning and preparation going on for those services, both on Good Friday and Easter. 


Each week we encourage you to use one new Biblical prayer as a guideline to pray for family, friends, small group members, our missionaries, pastors and staff. 

The verse for this week is 2 Peter 3:18 in the ESV translation.

But grow in the grace and knowledge of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. To him be the glory both now and to the day of eternity. Amen.


Each day, we’ll highlight a missionary for whom to be praying.  Remember, several of our missionaries are serving in sensitive areas so we will not always be able to share full names, locations, or their ministry.  If you are interested in learning more about any specific missionaries, please contact Whitney Swenson. 

We are going to continue praying for all of our missionaries via the countries they serve in (please realize, we will not be able to identify many of the missionaries by name as we work through this list).

Today we will pray for those serving with InterVarsity Christian Fellowship on campuses throughout the midwest - we have two Woodlands supported couples here in Stevens Point and two others around the MidWest, all are working to establish and advance witnessing communities of students and faculty on their respective campuses. Let’s pray for these four couples today: the Koertens, Lickels, Petersons, and Feldhake’.

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