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Pray for your family members today. Follow a rhythm that works for you!


Pray for your coworkers - the people you see every day. Pray that God would keep opening doors for you to share the gospel with them. For those who know the Lord, pray that they would continue to grow in Him.


The group MOPS serves many moms at Woodlands and throughout the community. Pray that those moms with little kids would be encouraged, strengthened and excited for the task God has put before them. Pray for deep relationships and gospel-centered mindsets.


 The last two regions we’re looking at to learn about the state of the Church in Asia are Southeast Asia and East Asia.

  • The Church shows exciting growth in Southeast Asia, and yet the growth is very uneven. There are areas where minorities are incredibly responsive to the gospel - for example the Church is growing in unprecedented levels in Vietnam, Cambodia, Laos, and even in areas of Indonesia. While in other areas, the breakthrough is yet to come. Pray for these groups of Christian believers to grow and impact their neighbors with the gospel. Pray for a breakthrough in areas yet to see the gospel take root.

  • “The Church in East Asia is one of remarkably contrasting situations. In South Korea, it is a large and influential minority, an integral part of South Korean society. In North Korea, it is an underground movement hunted down and reviled by the autocratic regime. In Japan, it is insignificant in size but respected. In Taiwan, the Church is larger but still a small minority. In mainland China, it is a burgeoning and increasingly important minority, while in Mongolia it is a rather new, but quickly growing element of society.” ~ from Operation World, the 7th edition. Take time to pray individually for each country mentioned in East Asia.


For the Sake of the NAME.  As we begin this 10 week journey as a church pray that God would use His word in this series to develop the following conviction in each of us.  

"If I have been saved, healed, forgiven, and set free by the NAME of Jesus, and I am not living for the sake of the NAME, I am not really living."

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