We are so thankful you are interested in using this prayer tool! 

We are hoping as you read through the following information, you'll begin to grasp how this tool might be used to help enhance your prayer life or even start a habit of prayer within your daily walk with God.  You can expect to be able to interact with and pray through our posts starting on Monday, March 5.


This tool is designed much like our Woodlands in the Word Bible reading plan, in that we will be praying over the same themes/categories together Monday through Friday.  It is different in that some of our categories will be interactive - we will pray over the same five categories each weekday, but what we are praying over within that category can and will change as we walk through the weeks and months. 

Here's how we use the rhythm together
Every day we will have five categories to pray over:  My FamilyMy CommunityOur ChurchOur World, and Our Focus

Here's how we make it interactive:

• Within the My Family category, you set this rhythm.  Do you pray for everyone in your family every day?  Or do you pray for specific family members on certain days?  You get to set this rhythm based on your family and preferences.

• In the My Community category, we will prompt you to be praying for your Life Group on Mondays, your colleagues on Tuesdays, community needs that you are aware of on Wednesday, and so on.  

Our Church category will function in a similar manner, praying each week for the primary ministries of Woodlands, one day at a time.

• And yet another, in Our World, we will change this daily!  You'll have the opportunity to be in prayer for the 33 missionary individuals/couples + two country teams that Woodlands supports as part of our efforts to reach the world.  

• Finally, Our Focus will give you a glimpse into big events happening at Woodlands, around our community, and around our world, over which we'll link arms in prayer.  In this category, you will be praying over one or two needs each day within that given week.

Woodlands in Prayer on the app.jpg


You will be able to access the most up-to-date, day by day, and more detailed prayer needs by downloading our app and using the Woodlands in Prayer piece on a daily basis.  You can download our new app: https://subsplash.com/woodlandschurch/app.

Finally, this is only a tool.  If you don't interact with it and make it work uniquely for you, it will simply become a dust collector (if a digital tool can even do that.)  As the team behind the scenes, we will be looking at ways to improve this tool in an effort to make it something you want to use and do use.  Please pass along your suggestions on how to improve it. 


Prayerful dependence is a value at Woodlands. Because Jesus said “apart from Me you can do nothing,” we seek to rely on God’s strength and guidance through consistent and widespread prayer.  This tool is an attempt to broaden and deepen our corporate prayer life around common themes. 

Please join us in praying.

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