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Which family members will you pray for today? Follow the rhythm that works for you!


Pray for the people in your life who don't know Christ. Pray that God would open the door for you or someone else to share the gospel with them.


Will you pray for everyone who volunteers to serve at Woodlands? Pray that they would be strengthened and encouraged as they bring God glory by using their gifts in His kingdom. Pray that they would develop a servant's heart, as they live out what Jesus modeled during His time on earth. And join us in praising God for the impact they are having in the lives of others!


Today we think of Bala and Carol as they work to make Christ known in a place where persecution of Christians is high!  And yet, Bala shared these praises in his last prayer letter:

  • The Lord keeps opening new doors in ***!
  • The Lord keeps raising new people on the US side to serve on short-term trips!
  • The Lord provides more new funds for *** ministry!
  • Lots to praise & worship the Lord for!

Let's join Bala and Carol in praising and worshipping God today for the way He is reaching unbelievers.  Let's lift up Bala and Carol as they labor to make Christ's name known!


Today, let's cover moms in prayer!  Pray for strength, increased faith, peace, encouragement -  pray for her work, freedom from fear, her health, self-control, grace, confidence, her influence, for spiritual transformation, for rejuvenation and a humble spirit.  Pray as you are led!   

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