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We encourage you to keep praying for the Kingdom Expansion over the weekend, so we have listed the prayer prompts for each day below:

Friday:  Pray that Woodlands Church would be a light to the companies and individuals that we work with through this project (e.g., bankers, architects, builders, etc.). May we be above reproach in our interactions, living out the commands of Jesus, and being salt to this world all for the sake of The NAME.  

Saturday: Ask that our God would help us to recognize that all of our money and possessions are really His. Thank Him for the material blessings He has allowed you to use for this season and ask Him to show where you could use them better to further God's Kingdom in this short time you have on this earth. 

Sunday: Praise God for the growth in attendance that Woodlands Church continues to have year after year. Thank Him for the empty seats that this potential expansion will create and start praying now for them to be filled with those in our community who need Jesus.  

Reflect on the glory of His NAME by reading Psalm 115:1 today.

Not to us, Lord, not to us
but to your name be the glory,
because of your love and faithfulness.


Continue to lift your family members before the Lord in prayer. You decide how to structure this part!


Pray for your "one" - the person in your life who doesn't know Christ.


Will you pray for everyone who volunteers to serve at Woodlands? Pray that they would be strengthened and encouraged as they bring God glory by using their gifts in His kingdom. Pray that they would develop a servant's heart, as they live out what Jesus modeled during His time on earth. And join us in praising God for the eternal  impact they are having in the lives of others!


This next week we will look toward Asia, a place where Christian workers are heavily persecuted.  Would you join us today praying for their protection and for emboldened faith?  Would you pray Psalm 91 over these workers?


It is the final week of summer before school starts!  New seasons can sometimes mean new habits and rhythms and it can also be a time of reflection and change.  As we all enter a new season, let's pray for our own rhythms as well as those of our fellow Christ-followers. 
That we would be prioritizing habits of grace and spiritual disciplines in our lives. 
That this season would be marked by a deepening commitment to abide in Christ. 
That the fruit of our lives would bring glory to God.


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