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Keep praying for your family members! 


Pray for your coworkers - the people you see daily. Pray that they would come to know Christ, if they don't know Him and if they do know Him, pray that they would walk closely with Jesus - following Him in all that they do today.

Idea: Pray that you would walk in and believe Acts 13:47 as you live out your faith in your workplace today.
"For this is what the Lord has commanded us: 'I have made you a light for the Gentiles, that you may bring salvation to the ends of the earth.’ ”


As the regular Sunday Kids season comes to a close, praise God for the work, planning, and leadership the many Sunday Kids volunteers put in this year. Praise Him for their selfless service and consistency, and ask that they would know how loved and appreciated they are, and that their hard work will have impact for many years in the lives of these children.


Dave and Heidi Onken are transitioning to new jobs as "Cru Medics"!  They will be ministering to Cru missionaries who come off the field and join the Lake Hart Stint program.  It is a program designed to help care for missionaries, help them heal, grow, and figure out what is next.  Here are a few prayer requests from Dave & Heidi:

  • We're in the thick of moving right now and feel crunched for time. The Lord would be gracious and that tasks would get checked off smoothly. 
  • Florida has a lot of bugs and the place we are moving into has been sitting empty since December. We are doing some bug bombs to treat the house but just that we wouldn't have a big bug problem in the house. 
  • We are coming to the end of a great year of personal/spiritual growth so thank the Lord for that. 
  • We just got the list of staff that are going to be going through the care program next year that we will be helping lead. The team we are going to be on could be compared to Army Field Medics. Pray for these 50 or so hurting missionaries coming from all over the world to really experience the Lord as healer/father and restorer.
  • We have decided to home school our kids next year. With 4 kids 6 and under, it can feel like a lot so we'd love prayer that the Lord would give piece in the moments of chaos. 


As we come out of the Memorial Day weekendlet us continue to be a church who prays for our men and women who serve in the United States Military.  While Memorial Day is traditionally a time to remember the men and women who courageously laid down their lives for the cause of freedom, let's lift up those who are in active service now, for those who have served, and for those who are mourning the loss of their soldier lost to the horrors of war.

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