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Pray for your family members today. Follow a rhythm that works for you!


Pray for your Life Group members today. 


Pray for our college students today. Many of them are not in the area because of summer break. Pray that they would walk closely with Jesus this summer - wherever life has taken them!


A new rhythm with this section of our prayer tool is to learn a bit more about the world in which we live.  We've looked at a few countries:  Uganda, Niger, and Indonesia so far.  Today we look toward home and learn what the United States of America looks like in the statistic books.  Our population is over 300 million strong and Christian is our largest religious group.  We praise God that biblical Christianity has influenced our spiritual heritage and foundational practices.  However, even though over 240 million souls claim to be Christian, the largest growing religion is "non-religious" and we can see that our spiritual heritage is under attack.  Pray for a return to biblical holiness.  Pray that we would, as a nation, turn from our idols and back to God to guide us.  Pray for a spirit of humility and repentance to come over our country and that our hearts would turn back to God.


As we reflect on the sermon from Sunday, pray that God would be working in the hearts of all Woodlanders, prompting them to submit to God's call in their life. May we all ask the Holy Spirit to reveal an area of our life, big or small, that might not be fully submitted to Him. 

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