Greetings Dear Reader!

Ugandan sunset, 2016

Ugandan sunset, 2016

We will leave Wisconsin for Uganda Monday July 9th.  We fly from Chicago to Dubai where we will have an exciting overnight in Dubai.  We will arrive in Uganda on Wednesday July 11th where we will remain until July 19th.  Your support and prayers mean the world to us and here are some specific ways to pray right now for our team.

  • Pray for no flight delays or turbulence.
  • Pray for sleep and peace on this long flight to Dubai (about 11 1/2 hours!)
  • Pray for our minds to rest and trust is God’s plan for this trip; not our own
  • Pray for our team to work together for the good of the Gospel and for Global Hands of  Hope
  • Pray for our speech.  While our Ugandan brothers and sisters speak English we have an  accent to them and they to us.  We desire our speech to be clear, slow, and thoughtful  for understanding
  • Pray for our health.  That we would not be ill and adjust well to other foods.
  • Pray for our humility.  It is not about us be He who is greater in the world!

Thank you!

I know there will be more as we hit the ground so stay tuned!  If you’d like to be added to our team Facebook page for updates and photos please comment below.

Much love and gratitude,

Team Uganda

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