Greetings from Uganda!

Last evening in Uganda our team had the unexpected pleasure of a Rave at our hotel.  The bass was popping and the beat was fresh.  We still had our team devotion during this unexpected party and made the best of it.  The team dynamics are really good.  We are flexible and we laugh a lot together and our unexpected party was another example of this team.  We are grateful that the party ended at a reasonable hour for rest!

Day 3 of training was bittersweet.  It is hard to leave when we are building friendships and they are trusting us and asking great questions in regards to their classes and teaching and even on relationships like marriage.  It also is hard to leave because there is more to share.  We take comfort in knowing God is present here at Suubi and someday distance will not be an issue as we will all be in Heaven.

Music again was a big hit.  Before long Suubi teachers will be making music with recorders and guitars.  It is such a joy to see them taking on this new skill!.

We also had a great discussion with teachers regarding child development.  Students in Uganda attend school from 7:30 am - 5 pm.  (Our American students should be grateful!)  However, it makes for a challenging day when your students are 3 and 4 years of age.  Helping the teachers understand what at 3 and 4 year old can do and should be doing helped to open their eyes in understanding why their students are sleepy and are having trouble with reading and writing.  

One of the best things about today was the Intax Polaroid photos we were able to share with the staff and some children. The wonder on their faces as the photo came out of the camera, and then the expression on their faces as the Polaroid was developing was priceless.  Many of them don’t have a photo of themselves or even have a mirror to see themselves to give them this small gift was just pure joy!

Team t-shirts.jpg

Our time ended with a celebration of our learning and a team photo in our new t-shirts.  We congratulated, laughed, danced, and took more pictures.  We are happy to have one last day with the teachers as we will take them out to a movie!  This will be the first time for many of them to see a movie in a theatre!!!!  We are so excited to share this new experience with them.  After our movie tomorrow we will begin our long journey home.  It is always bittersweet - leaving something you hold dear to return to something you hold dear.  Our heartstrings are pulled.  We are blessed that we serve a big God!

Prayers for safe travel and being able to rest along the way.  Prayers, too, that travel will be smooth and there would not be any hiccups along our travel.

Thank you very much for your prayers and support of this trip.  There were many times we were grateful to know we have people reading the blog or facebook posts and supporting our trip especially during our times that were frustrating.  Reader, you are appreciated!

With Gratitude and Love,

Team Uganda

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