Welcome Friends,

Day 1 of training was successful.  It was a wonderful feeling to be able to connect again with our Ugandan Friends.  

For a team activity , we used the Zoom book by Istvan Banyai.  It is a book with just pictures but each picture shows another detail that the previous picture doesn’t have.  

(Think of a zooming in for detail and out for more on a camera.)  We broke into groups and we discussed as a group what our picture showed.  Then we needed to share our picture with the group without showing them the picture and quietly, once everyone shared, we needed to put our pictures in order to see more detail and tell a story.  It is a challenging activity when you first start because the only detail you have is what was heard as the group.  It was wonderful to see the teacher’s wheels turning and the excitement on their faces as a story was unfolding before them.  

Teachers looking over the photo story activity.jpg
Photo Story activity.jpg

This lesson not only helped to build our team but also is a great illustration for building on education, and an example of how God sees each and every detail of our lives.  He sees the entire picture even when we are so focused on something so small.

The rest of our training was spent on building the English vocabulary, working with a small group of teachers to allow for questions and music.  And my, oh my, how they LOVE music.  We could possibly have an entire trip on music :)  And really, music is powerful here because how they learn to express themselves without text.  The American and Ugandan teachers are quickly becoming better friends and it is humbling to be part of their school.

Several team members got to visit several homes in Bukeka.  A home of a sponsored child and a home of a child who is not sponsored.  The team members that went noticed a big difference in the homes.  The home with the sponsored child the father was home and engaged his family.  He showed love and care for his wife and children.  The second home was more difficult as the father is not engaged in his family and there is not the love and care from the father to this child’s mother or family.  Dear dads, reading this...know YOU make a difference in your family!

Tina at home visit.jpg


We’ve had a few tummy issues today with a few team members and ask you to pray for strength and health.

Looking forward to Day 2!

Thank you for praying, reading, and supporting Team Uganda

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