We were told, in preparing, for this missions trip that there were things that were going to happen that were, well, unexplainable. And the only explanation was, "It's Africa, Baby!" Let me assure you we have experienced the unexplainable and yet we are seeing God in it all. It makes for a crazy, beautiful, mess.

We don't have very good internet here and posts may be infrequent because of this. I will try to brief you in the happenings of the last few days, July 7th and 8th.

We visited Global Hands of Hope and heard the story and vision that Suubi Children's Center began in the heart of Ronnie when he was asked a simple question from Walt. Walt, a veterinarian who was serving on a missions himself, asked Ronnie 'what do you want to do?' Ronnie was moved because no one had ever asked him that. It was then that Ronnie sensed God asking him to do something big for Uganda. After years of working for the Ugandan government as a social workers Ronnie and Ritah began to see that their culture was becoming dependent on others for survival and this made them question what was really being done for Uganda. With a leap of faith, lots of prayer, and a meeting under the mango tree, Suubi began.

Our team was grateful and moved to hear his story. It was even more powerful for us when we actually went to Suubi.

At Suubi the students greeted us in line, singing you are welcome here. Of course, tears were shed. It was beautiful. We met the students and staff briefly before Ronnie showed us the new construction of teacher housing and a new wing of the school. It is impressive to see the work God is doing in such a short amount of time and how well it is being received in the community of Bukeka. Truly, Africa Baby!

Ronnie has vision and it is big. It is encouraging to hear him talk of the hopes for Suubi and Bukeka; even more powerful we he follows it with 'we serve a big God, He can do this.'

Today, July 8th, we observed and spent time with the students and staff at Suubi. We were so very encouraged by what we saw. These teachers are doing wonderful things here!

The children here are amazed at our white skin, fat that jiggles makes them giggle or if it's firm they looked concerned. Africa Baby! We played in the dirt with them, served snack and lunch for them, kicked a soccer ball with them, sang and danced with them. It was lovely and made our heart full to see the joy they have in such simple things.

We are anxious for Sunday when we will get to play and see their smiling faces again.

The team is doing well. We are feeling well this far. (Praise God) We have had to change hotels last minute due to a plumbing issue at the hotel we has planned to stay at. Africa Baby! They were truly flexible and it has all worked out.

Not only are we learning 'Africa Baby' but the team has said... ..."I feel loved here" ..."I feel welcomed here" ..."God is showing me how BIG he is." ..."The teachers can teach us a thing or two."

Again continue to pray for us. Especially Monday-Wednesday as we begin the teaching seminars. That our plans are God's and we would not be bound by our expectations but let God's Spirit be our light.

🇺🇬☺️ Team Uganda


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