Man alive, Africa can worship! I don't even know even know if there are enough adjectives to describe today's worship. It was one of those experiences where having been there paints the better picture. Think of moving and not just swaying your hips but m-o-v-i-n-g; like in Zumba class. Think of praising the Lord with shouts of thanksgiving; not shouts of anger but shouts of true joy. Clapping, oh, the clapping and noises that I can't even make all made to glorify the Lord. Joyful, yes. Soulful, yes. Beautiful, you bet.

Brother Billy and Brother Steve found the words to share and they brought them. AMEN! In all seriousness Marsha and Jen your men rocked!!! Thank you for your prayers.

We got to witness the dedication of their new worship space. Amazing. Ronnie had all people pray over the space to God in their language. It was loud, it was intense, and it was powerful. And what an encouragement to see this new space full!!!

Later we had each grade, from 1st -4th, sing a song for us. We were laughing at the sweetness of their voices but also shared tears at the preciousness in their lyrics. These children of Suubi are truly gifts and with the hope that Suubi provides there is a hope in each of their eyes, their voices and the shaking of their hips!!! As a team we felt so loved to have the teachers and students put forth much time and effort into a fantastic performance.

At last, we had what we called "Sunday Fun Day".  Behind Suubi there is a large field where children can play. We gathered all the children along with their parents and it would seem other members of the community. We separated into 3 groups: parachute and balls, relay, and action songs. The children then rotated into each group. Candy was the highlight of the Sunday Fun Day. The overwhelming want for a sweet became so great that at one point we kind of felt like the Pied Piper! It was another experience where smiles and laughter broken down barriers to these 'white' people coming into their community. In the end we all gathered around the children to pray over them. Keep in mind the community, who was still gathered and watching, were there and many of the come from a Muslim faith. God is so good!

Our hearts are full.

The day ended at Kalagala Falls, a breath taking sight. The sound of the mighty waters put us at rest.

Thank you for your prayers. Keep praying as our teaching seminars begins. We need God's wisdom and strength.

🇺🇬☺️ Team Uganda 

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