Dear Reader, As I type this we are waiting in Entebbe Airport for our long journey home. We had a fantastic fun day with our new friends from Suubi. Many of them had never been to the zoo nor had they eaten out. The joy on their faces was priceless to treat them to this! One teacher from Suubi had his first hamburger!!!

This trip has been amazing. To see the hope that Suubi is giving to the children is simply God's hand at work.

Your loved ones, friends, brothers and sisters are coming home with hearts full of gratitude and love.

Today we had a chance as a team to process a few things. One thing we have learned is the in Africa time waits. We have been off schedule for everything! This can be so frustrating for us teachers but through the power of Christ we made it. It became our joke at the end of the trip here and we fondly would tease Ronnie, "Ronnie, are these African times or American times?" His response as always, "Friends, friends, no, look see this is what we believe in Africa..." Just ask anyone and I am sure we'll have a story to share.

Today we also got to celebrate Steve's birthday here in Uganda! I think he would tell you it was a truly special day and what an unique way to celebrate!

Here is a fun fact: Did you know in Uganda marijuana grows naturally? It does and we have had some experience smelling it burning. Ronnie and Ritah tell us that it is often used to feed chickens when they are ill. Can you even? In America that would be the fastest selling chicken!!! Instead of organic chicken we'd sell medicinal marijuana chicken! The jokes on this are endless.

We are all a little slap-happy because of being tired and emotionally processing our experience.

Pray for safe travels, flights on time and for no turbulence!

Kalle-Kalle (ok in Luganda and a favorite of our hosts and bus driver Fred; who is in the photo on top) Thank you for your prayers and support! They have been felt. We look forward to be back in our own environment and to share our time and stories with you.

πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Team Uganda


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