As our team prepares physically and spiritually for our upcoming trip, we'd like to ask you to stand with us in prayer for the following items (and more as the Spirit leads you!):

  • One of our teammates is suffering an eye issue.  Please pray for eye health and that it would clear up - especially the fuzzy vision.
  • Overall team health - in preparation to leave, while in country, and upon return.  Specifically, please pray for protection from disease carrying insects and bugs and the medication that we will take to avoid some of those sicknesses would work and not make us sick.  (i.e. malaria medication, vaccines, etc.)
  • Please pray for wisdom and discernment in planning - that the team would use what God wants them to use!
  • That the team would not lose sight of being an encouragement to the Ugandan teachers
  • To be as prepared as possible, but also have incredible flexibility & be able to release 'our plans' to be able to better follow His plans.

Thanks for engaging in this trip through prayer!  

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