...if you now have Baha Men in your head and are singing a deep and loud 'whoof-whoof' you are experiencing the dog effect here that is causing many of us not to sleep peacefully through the night. Your prayers would be appreciated for a restful night of sleep.

All humor aside today was a somewhat emotional day. We began at the Source of Nile. Gorgeous. God's handiwork in vegetation, unique animals big and small, and the mass amount of water that bubbles under the surface to begin the Nile. All God and all good. (Hoping to post more photos of the Nile later)

After our tour we ate lunch and had a delightful guest, Dr. Jonathan, join us. Dr. Jonathan serves the Suubi Children's Center by caring for the students and their mothers. He travels once a week, 200 miles to Suubi and sees about 50-70 patients on his Saturday only visit. His time is completely volunteered and he loves the vision that Ronnie and Ritah have for Suubi and the Bukeka community. His commitment and love are awe inspiring. Dr. Jonathan shared with us that the number one illness of the students is malaria. Approximately 50% of deaths of children under 5 are because of malaria. While I think most of the team knew this; to hear it was staggering. The illness is because most families in and around Bukeka can not afford preventative care like medicines and mosquito nets. The statistic should move all of us because a treated mosquito net is about $20 but treating the chronic cases of malaria cost Suubi a good portion of their current medical budget. Dr. Jonathan and Ronnie are working on a way to get funding for preventative care and mosquito nets. If this moves you please go to Global Hands of Hope and donate to this cause. Suubi will have a medical team coming the first week of August this year. How fantastic would it be to provide mosquito nets to families?!

After our time with Dr. Jonathan we headed to the Jinja Market for culture and small gifts of Africa.

Tonight during our team devotions we shared ways we feel God moving and challenging our hearts. It's a frightfully vulnerable place and yet there is a peace. Psalm 63 was read over and over as a team to remind us of the God who sees us and securely holds us.

Tomorrow is worship. Please pray for Steve and Oz as they have been asked to share a word with the congregation. What type of word? That is a really good question and it has them nervous. If you read the last post it's Africa, baby πŸ˜‰ Pray also for sleep and some stomach issues some of the team is experinceing.

Words do not express how much we can feel your prayers, love and support while we are here. Thank you and keep that love coming on the blog and Facebook. You are the best!

πŸ˜‰πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡¬ Team Uganda


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