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+ What kind of security & privacy measures are in place for The Grove?

Woodlands’ Grove is created and hosted by Church Community Builder. Both Woodlands and CCB are committed to protecting the privacy of every user. CCB utilizes no less than industry-standard security measures to safeguard any information collected. To view the techno-speak details, please see this page.

+ Is my information safe?

Yes. We can't stress this enough - Church Community Builder, the company the designed and manages The Grove - uses industry leading security and software. Your information is as safe as it can possibly be, and remember - we use the Grove too. We feel confident our information is secure and protected.

+ If I don't want to get emails from you, should I delete my email address in the Grove?

No. You can control who and how frequently (and from where) you receieve emails from Woodlands Church. By default, the only people who can see ANY of your contact information is church staff alone.

+ Is this like Facebook for the church?

No. While you might see some features that are similar (and some language), the Grove is a very different animal. Think of it more as a communication tool than a social network. It allows us to share updates with groups and keep our contact data up-to-date, but it isn't a social tool like Facebook is. There are no 'statuses' or 'walls' to post on.

You will notice the word 'friend' used. Making someone a 'friend' puts them in a category that allows them to see more of your contact information. It's not a two way street, though - you're allowing them to see your information; for you to see theirs, they'll need to make you a 'friend' as well. Settings that control what friends, and the public, see can be found under 'Privacy Settings' in the upper right corner.

+ Are people going to have access to my bank (financial information)?

No. The Grove is tied to our financial accounting tools at Woodlands Church, but besides yourself, there are less than 5 people at Woodlands Church who can see your financial records - and they're the ones who already have access to that information in our current system.

The only additional person we're allowing to see your financial records, in this transition to the Grove, is you! And that's a benefit to you - now you can see your transactions, print off tax documents, and stay more up to date. Think of this as a non-profits "giving" page.

+ Why are you doing this?

The transition to the Grove has been a part of a much larger attempt to improve communication within Woodlands Church. We are updating our database and all our information, and we saw this as a natural time to transition to a much better communication tool.

As Brian said in the video above, we view the Grove as a powerful tool that will aid us in our mission of 'Building communities of Christ-centered people to reach the world."

+ Do I have to participate?

The short answer? No. You can serve, give, come and participate in the life and ministry of Woodlands Church without ever logging into the Grove or updating anything. But, as Woodlands Church grows and ministers in new and increasing ways, being familiar with and active on the Grove will help us do a better job ministering to you and to others.

You don't need to participate. But we feel the life of the church will be enriched by your participation, and we ask you to thoughtfully consider it.

+ I have a question!

The first step is to type it below. We'll take a look and respond as quickly as possible! Or, if you're in the Grove, click the gear icon in the upper right corner and type a question is the query box there. Otherwise, feel free to call the church office during business hours and we'll get you an answer!

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