Woodlands Medical Mission 1/10/16

There’s an old saying; “If you’ve seen one - you’ve seen them all”. Among short-term missionaries there’s another saying; “If you’ve seen one mission trip – you’ve seen one!” That certainly holds true for this trip. I have already told you all about the sterilizer. That was before we even left Milwaukee. When we arrived we had a bigger surprise.

Some of you may know that on Thursday, the new president and other elected officials all over the country will be sworn in and take office. It seems a congressman who supports Sumpango wanted to throw a big party in the Community Center that we have used for the past eight years. Of course, we lost that battle even though the church booked it four months ago for us. Ok, so it’s not like we can call the Holiday Inn and see if we can use their space. There isn’t any other big building like this in Sumpango. The mayor did offer us a house to use, for free, but there aren’t too many homes that can house 50 workers plus volunteers and patients. Once again, God provides. Los Olivos Church decided to cancel Sunday night worship so that we could set up our clinic there today. The church space is about half of the Community Center but we will adapt. Fortunately they have a side area that has three floors. We can put gynecology services and lab on the second floor and dental on the covered roof – third floor. We’ve figured out a place for optical, pharmacy, the photo clinic, and the prayer clinic as well as keeping space on the main floor for internal medicine, pediatrics, orthopedics, and nutrition. We set up today in 2 ½ hours, record time with all hands on deck. Then as we were testing everything out and preparing to head for the orphanage where we stay, one of the dental unit’s compressor motors decided it was time to blow. It just quit working. Remember FROG from yesterday? Fully rely on God to provide and he did. A retired dentist who lived down here and has helped us in the past, decided to donate his dental unit and chair to our mission. Due to health reasons, DonOrth, DDS can no longer do dental work and his unit is an hour away. Coincidence, I don’t think so if you are a Jesus follower. We will have it for tomorrow’s clinic.

So another day is done. Tomorrow we begin and we will see what is in store as we venture off on our ninth medical clinic in Sumpango. Stay tuned for more challenges, solutions, and exciting stories of how God is working through our team in Guatemala. Adios, Senor Dan

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