This experience has been truly incredible for me, and we've only had two days in the clinic! In two days I've seen heart wrenching poverty, malnutrition, and disease. I have also personally seen God's hand in it all as we have been able to send off hundreds of Guatemalans with smiles and hope for recovery with what they are facing: not just physically, but also spiritually. The last station of the clinic is the spiritual portion where the patients have been able to hear about Jesus: the ultimate healer of all things. It has been incredible working with such a team. Everyone works together bringing a crucial piece to the clinic: no matter how big or small they may seem. As an individual I have been provided countless new opportunities: traveling to a new country, tasting a foreign cuisine, experiencing a new beautiful culture, provide support for physicians in a clinic, deliver cortisone shots, utilize my Spanish, and walk amongst a people group that is nothing but hospitable, grateful, and tender hearted. I hate to say it, but, I don't really want to leave (no hard feelings, mom ;) ). This experience is a highlight of my life that I will never forget. I am truly humbled and thankful for all the support of those that helped make this happen for me. I eagerly anticipate what new adventures tomorrow will bring!! -Tyler Stokka (currently one of the tallest humans in Guatemala)

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