What an amazing experience we are having. The Guatemalan people are so appreciative of anything and everything we have been able to do for them whether it was a tooth extraction, injections to relieve pain, vision checks, or simply a new toothbrush and some vitamins. Working in Pharmacy I get to see all the people that come through the clinic and each one of them has said "Gracias" at least a dozen times!! And the majority don't leave without giving us a "Bendicion" (God's blessing). We have been blessed with such a wonderful group of students, doctors and lay people on this trip. This is my first one and I can truly say I couldn't imagine working with a better bunch of people. The eagerness and excitement of the students, the patience and kindness of the doctors and their willingness to teach the students, the expertise of the pharmacist and pharmacy tech. And the ability of Eddy to make things happen and fill the many requests we have as individuals and as a group. Pastor Doug and those who shared devotionals and words of encouragement have truly been a blessing to me and I'm sure others. It is amazing to see how all the people are using the gifts they have been given by God. It seems no matter the surprises or setbacks everyone has cheerfully pressed on! I am so thankful for Beth and Dan (and Kinden 😊) for making me aware of this trip and inviting Jose' and I to join them and to the Lord for making it happen! Alabar al Senor! (praise the Lord!) Lindy

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