It's sad, the Sumpango clinic for 2015 is finished. We had a wonderful four days. With over 900 patients seen by just four providers and optical, it surely was a success from a medical standpoint. What's most important however is that we shared Jesus with many new people this week. Pastor Johnny shared at dinner tonight about Jesus's conversation with Peter when He asked Peter if he loved Him three times. In each case Jesus told Peter that if he loved Him, he should feed His sheep. Thus the greatest show of love to Jesus is to look after his flock. Pastor Johnny said this week our team "fed Jesus's sheep". What a joy and privilege to work with this team and to tend the flock in Sumpango, Guatemala.

Yesterday I saw a 10y/o boy with back pain for six months. Mom was very concerned because he complained every day that his back hurt. The pain was on the spinous process of his third lumbar vertebrae. It didn't hurt on the muscles or when I stressed the ligaments. I thought it was just a bone bruise but without an x-ray I could not rule out that he did not have some lesion in his bone. We gave Mom $20 (150 Q's) to pay for a bus ride to the next town and the x-ray. She came back with the two views today and I was able to show them to her and show that they were normal. She gave me the receipt of $125 Q's for the x-ray and the money left over. I told her to keep it and tears welled up in her eyes as she told us how grateful she was as she did not have the money for the x-ray and now she new her son would be ok. That 'gratefulness ' is why I love the Guatemalan people so much. They are all like that.

I had a 77 y/o man who was working 12 hours per day, 6 days a week in the fields at his age. He was thin but amazingly strong. His entire back hurt and he had leg pain with walking that sounded like spinal stenosis on top of the back pain. I didn't have much to offer him today, yet he hugged us saying how grateful he was that we were here. These people tug at your heart so much. This is our eighth year here and I hope we can keep coming to serve them. Enjoy the pictures. Dan Kraeger

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