Hi all, blog post number two for me. Yesterday Jared Koerten gave us a wonderful devotional at breakfast about seeing Jesus in our day. He read three different passages where Jesus appeared to people in the Bible after his crucifixion. In each case they did not recognize Him at first. Jared challenged us to look for Jesus in the people we were helping yesterday. We had a great day in the clinic with a couple hundred people coming through. I just love working with the Guatemalan people. They are so grateful, even when we can't offer much physical help. Yesterday I had a number of patients with sciatica. This can be very debilitating or just a nuisance. I have dealt with it myself for over five years on occasion and at the nuisance level mostly. We teach them the exercises I do at home, but sometimes there isn't a cure per say. I had a 36 y/o woman who is a school teacher in Sumpango. She was having terrible sciatica pain down her right leg. She brought a MRI of her lumbar spine that she paid $2,000 to have done in Guatemala City in 2012. It was normal by my reading and we found the report in another folder she had and the radiologist read it as normal also. She saw a surgeon in 2012 an he told her she needed back surgery then. She could not afford it so she waited. Now her symptoms are worse but I still don't believe she has a herniated disc that would require surgery. Perhaps she would benefit from a steroid injection called an epidural. That would cost more thousands and would require an updated MRI. We showed her the exercises I do and tried to convince her that they will probably help some if she stays with them. She was so grateful, yet inside I believe her pain made her feel disappointed in a way. She has three little children at home and I can only guess that after teaching all day she comes home exhausted from the pain. Teaching is hard enough without sciatica on top of it. We'll pray she does ok. Time for day two. Adios Amigos. Dan Kraeger

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