Buenas noches familia y amigos. (Good evening family and friends.)

Today was the first day in the clinic! In the morning, we ate breakfast and right as we were being dismissed to relax before the Guatemalan medical students arrived, the Guatemalan medical students arrived! They definitely bring an energetic presence to the group. For many of them, this is their first visit to Sumpango like most of the students and many friendships have already blossomed. To describe the essence of the clinic in words would be an impossible task. The patience and kindness of the people is heart touching. Some would wait hours for a simple diagnosis; others just sought hope and compassion. A total of 200 Sumpango residents visited the clinic today! :) My favorite part of today though was watching the people of Sumpango volunteer their time. Children, parents, the elderly, and even Pastor Johnny devoted their day to helping those in need. We all are God's children and he reminds us of that in remarkable ways. After the pharmacy helped their last patients at about 9:20, we headed back to the hotel. Many people had "God moments" throughout the day and we shared these with each other. The hugs, kisses, and gratitude we receive is enough to bring a smile to anyone's face and even bring one to tears. (Not going to lie, I teared up more than once today.) We are all so blessed.

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