Sunday is market day in Sumpango and there are no words to describe the experience we shared today. Hundreds upon hundreds of locals gather on a street in the middle of the town to exchange goods for the week. Refrigeration is not prevalent in Sumpango so the food is always fresh and in great quantity. We didn't eat much at the market as Karla (Oscar's wife) definitely overfills us! (By the time we leave Guatemala we might have gained a couple pounds!) After the market and lunch, we ventured to the clinic to get everything set up. Everyone worked great together and there is little left to do before opening tomorrow which everyone will be grateful for. This is my first year, but I've heard it gets busy and fast so the less organizing we need to worry about the better. We also attended a worship service at Los Olivos Church and it was rocking! I mean that literally. There was singing upon singing upon singing, and loudly! Of course, all the songs were in Spanish but it was uplifting knowing that language is not a barrier when it comes to praising the Lord! The atmosphere was full of love and happiness as everyone chatted after the service had ended. The Lord definitely blessed us with some remarkable sights and friendships this today. Tomorrow is the first day of clinic and it will be a late one as the clinic is open from 1-9 p.m. We also meet up with the translators in the morning who happen to be the Guatemalan medical students who will be helping in the clinic! Everyone is hitting the hay to prepare for tomorrow so goodnight from Guatemala. With love to all our families and friends,

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