Hola gringo's, this is my first note from Sumpango, Guatemala. It is Sunday night and we're all set up. It went very smoothly which is a testament to our group. We have a good team and it will be exciting to see how they do in the clinic tomorrow. We went to the market and it was as busy as I have ever seen it. The usual plethora of color and the smell of the butcher shops one never seems to forget. There was no shortage of cute faces on the little ones wrapped in their mother's papoose. I also love the beautifully weathered faces on some of the elderly Myan people here. I look forward to meeting more of them tomorrow. Our Guatemalan medical students join us tomorrow before clinic begins at 1:00. Tomorrow begins three days of second shift work. The weather is beautiful and the Packers won. What more could we want down here. More later. Dan Kraeger

It's okay to print this email. Paper is a sustainable product made from trees. Sustainably managed forests are good for the environment, providing clean air and water, wildlife habitat and carbon storage. Thanks to responsible forest management, we have more trees in America today than we had 100 years ago.

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