Greetings from beautiful Sumpango, Guatemala! The view and landscaping is truly breathtaking. It was 75 and sunny when we landed here today, just a tad warmer than back home. (I think we acclimated too quickly as 56 degrees tonight already seems cold!) We welcomed the warmth of the sun and the people with open arms. We are so blessed and thankful for Oscar Chiquito and his family for treating us as part of their family and providing advice, delicious food, and generosity during our stay here! After a long day of traveling, we arrived at our hotel as a tired but strong, ambitious team. Tomorrow we set out for the Sumpango market and set up the Clinic followed by worship! So much in store for the upcoming week! We appreciate all the thoughts, prayers, and kind words of friends and family back home; the support we receive is truly uplifting. Stayed tuned for updates!

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