Wednesday, September 9

Romans 7, Psalm 108, Ezekiel 27-29


  1. Today in Woodlands in the Word, we get to read Romans 7. In this passage, we watch Paul wrestle with the reality that sin brings into our lives as human beings and the perfection of God’s Word and Law. Praise God for the goodness He’s brought into our lives as believers through Jesus Christ! Pray for God to continually form us into the image of His Son as we journey through life in a fallen and broken world. Recognize the perfect nature of Christ has yet to be perfected in us, His followers – confess you need for deliverance from sin and thank God for Jesus Christ!
  2. Pray for the students at Woodlands as they continue to navigate a world affected by Covid. Pray for students as they handle the transition of new school requirements, youth group and everything else in the COVID new world! Pray, too, for leaders in Woodland Youth. Leader training is tonight so pray for flexibility, unity & energy to engage with students in a variety of ways.
  3. The Chiquito family serves in Guatemala with the Impacting Guatemala Network. Oscar’s work with IGN is focused on two things: the gospel and discipleship. Read these words from his latest newsletter:
    There are many Christians who are not disciples of Jesus, and therefore, they are not the salt of the earth, nor the light of the world. The most important reason why they are not disciples is their lack of foundation; in other words, they have not understood or known the true Gospel that is in Jesus Christ. For this reason, IGN team continues to be committed to preach & share the Gospel and help people to clothe themselves with the Lord Jesus Christ.


  4. Pray for the fruitfulness of IGN in Guatemala and in other Latin American countries.
    Also, rejoice with the Chiquitos as their son, Oscar E., just made the decision to believe in Jesus as His Lord and Savior! They immediately experienced an attack from the enemy when Oscar E. completely lost his appetite and didn’t eat for several days. Praise God that he is now eating, but pray for a full recovery and continued strengthening from God to fight the enemy’s attacks.