Thursday, September 24

Hebrews 2, Proverbs 16, Joshua 9-11


  1. Hebrews 2 shows Jesus to be a God who actually entered into the experience of being human. In fact, Jesus is the first example of what a “new” and restored humanity would look like. To accomplish this, He had to enter into our suffering and worry, our anxiety and hurt. Pray that those who are suffering and going through a difficult season or struggle would feel Him near to them; that they would sense His comfort and peace in the midst of their suffering. 
  2. The GroupLife Connect wrapped up earlier this week.  Pray for the people who signed up – pray that great initial connections would be made as they take the brave step to actually attend a group or class.  Pray for groups this year to be tools God uses to help us faithfully follow His Son!
  3. Pray for the ministries on campus that are seeking to reach the college population.  Both Cru and InterVarsity staff are getting creative with how they reach this campus and are excited about what God is stirring in the hearts of those with whom they have interacted.  Pray for faithfulness in the staff and for a very fruitful season of ministering on our local college campuses.