Friday, September 18

Romans 14, Psalm 112, Ezekiel 48, Nahum 1-2


  1. In Romans 14, Paul says, “So then, let us pursue what promotes peace, and what builds up one another.” This begs the question, “Am I pursuing these things?” Pray that we would pursue peace amongst one another and that we would seek to intentionally build one another up rather than unintentionally tearing one another down. 
  2. We’re continuing the series called “Made for This” in which Pastor Brian is presenting our new purpose statements and the priorities that accompany it. Pray that we, as the people of Woodlands Church, would embody our purpose “to be a Christ centered community helping people faithfully follow Jesus both locally and globally.” And pray that we would be marked by being grounded in the Word and in prayer and that we would live graciously while we proclaim the grace poured out on us! Take time today to consider the grace that’s covering you today and thank God for it!
  3. Rejoice today that God will not abandon you. Ask him to make your heart glad and your flesh to dwell securely because of this promise found in Psalm 16:9-10.