Friday, October 9


Hebrews 13, Psalm 119, Lamentations 3-5


  1. In Matthew 18, Jesus actually references the final verse of Psalm 119. In doing so, the Bible reminds us that our God longs to walk alongside us throughout life, counseling us through whatever and wherever we go. Pray today that you would long for God’s commands, his judgment, and his counsel; pray that He would daily remind you that his law is written on your heart because he loves you deeply. 
  2. Reality Check students (7th-9th grade) are going to Silver Birch Ranch today for a weekend retreat.  Pray for great connections to each other, time, and teaching that leads to transformation, and results in students and leaders faithfully following Jesus beyond the days of the retreat.  Pray for health and safety, too.
  3. Pray for unity in our church as we continue with live Sunday services; that the Spirit would move mightily to heal any disunity and discord, to convict of sin, and to encourage others toward repentance. Pray for protection over our church, both for physical and spiritual health, as we gather together.