Thursday, October 8


Hebrews 12, Proverbs 18, Zechariah 14, Lamentations 1-2


  1. In Lamentations 1-2, Jeremiah laments the sin and brokenness of his people. He’s not simply lamenting his own individual sin, but lamenting the sins and brokenness of the entire people of Israel because their sin and brokenness so grossly misrepresents who God is. Pray in lament today over the brokenness of our world and that our church (and you as an individual) would represent and show God well to our world. 
  2. Pray for Life Groups as they seek to gather together as Christ centered communities to help each other faithfully follow Jesus in this season.  Pray these groups would be drenched in humility, love, grace, and truth and that this season would produce a harvest of more people faithfully following Jesus!
  3. The Woodlands Support Staff is on a retreat today.  Pray for sweet times in fellowship with the Lord in the morning and a time of building deeper unity within this team in the afternoon.